Certificado Protocol
Issue blockchain-powered certificates
for any type of data
By enabling businesses, individuals and enterprises to issue authentic certificates, Certificado wants to bring massive value to any industry which deals with a large number of documents like Education, Art, Events, Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, and Banking.
Certificado for Education
Through collaboration with online educational establishments, we have provided blockchain-based certification solutions for knowledge validation.
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Certificado for Art
Following the request by the Russian Museum, to certify the world's largest collection of Russian art the custom authentication was prepared on top of Certificado Protocol. The prototype for the art certification model was presented at the event hosted by the Russian Museum and approved by its stakeholders.

The concept is presented at art.certificado.one.
Certificado for Government
Presented at Odyssey Momentum by Waves team solution was created following the challenge by the Netherlands Police to coordinate citizens in the emergencies. Certification of users' knowledge was built on top of Certificado became a basis for this unique solution.
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